Amazing Non-Toxic Personal Care and Household Products- Ava Anderson Non Toxic !

March 13-29, 2014…. online “Ava Party”….  Party Code 24198 (at checkout)… if interested, go to and click on ‘shop’, then ‘For Usage, Ingredients, or To Shop’…. and get some non-toxic products !! :)

I don’t usually get too excited about cleaning products, and I don’t wear make-up.  But I do use shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, and lip balms, and unfortunately have to clean things once in a while.  I recently found out how many toxins and carcinogenic ingredients are in virtually ALL commercial products we all buy at the grocery or drug store.  Since recovering from leukemia, I’ve been much more interested in learning what I can about  various product and food safety, and trying to eat as many organic and ‘whole’ foods as I can afford, and looking at cleaning products- buying ‘green’ products at the store (which aren’t so green when ya really know what is in those things).  But I never gave much thought to what I put on my skin (or scalp). As an RN, I knew that skin is THE biggest organ of the human body, and our first line of defense in keeping us healthy, but just blew it off  when it came to skin/hair care products (except for sulfates- had problems with those in shampoos for years).  Wow.  Big ‘duh’ moment there !

A high school friend of mine, who I’d reconnected with on Facebook, recently began working for Ava Anderson Non Toxic (AANT). (If you Google that, you will find the website- and that’s the name of their FB page… I highly recommend looking at the educational materials they have, and update frequently – really, really amazing !!).   This company was begun by a FOURTEEN year old who was mortified by the ingredients in her make-up and personal care/household products.  She began researching these things on her own (a high school freshman/sophomore!), and began her own company a while later (she just turned 20 years old in the past few weeks).  The main message of the company is to know the ingredients you’re putting on your body, and in your home with cleaning products. It’s all about the ingredients. 

My friend  recently relocated back to our hometown and came over to visit. She left a package of AANT Dishwasher Pods and bottle of AANT Glass/All-Purpose cleaner, and two pamphlets about ingredients, and the other products.  No hard sell.  No pressure.  The products sold themselves !  My dishes no longer smell like a daisy farm, they get my dishes clean….and there are no toxins !  The Glass/All-Purpose cleaner has done wonders on my microwave.  And no chemical/toxic residue left to get in my food- it is SAFE to use my microwave after cleaning it !

That was all I needed to see and read.   I knew I needed to get rid of a bunch of my shower stash, anti-perspirant/deodorant, lotions, fragrances, etc.  The Ava Anderson Non Toxic products were the way to go for me.  I let my friend know what I wanted to get (there are also consultants who sell the products, and the online website, which has a shopping set up).  I’ve started with the personal care items first, and will get the household and laundry stuff next month (though I did get a little enthusiastic after getting this first order, and sent for a couple of other things early :) ).  The items aren’t ‘cheap’- but they’re not outrageous, either. And it doesn’t take a lot of any product to work.   I’m on a fixed disability income, and have to pay attention to my budget- but I can definitely tell you that chemotherapy is a LOT more expensive (not only financially, but the toll it takes on a body). I figure, with my usage, it will average out to about $20-30 per month (example, a bag of 24 dishwasher pods will last me at least 7-8 months).  That’s really not a lot to get rid of as many chemicals as possible out of my life.  I think I also found what I’ll be giving for gifts at Christmas !

Some of these ingredients are known cancer connections (the FDA doesn’t do anything with personal care products or household cleaners/air fresheners…NO regulation about what goes into them at all :o ). Some mess up hormone balance (and are even linked with weight problems… hmm, could I be fat from my deodorant? ).  Some are otherwise bad news (I forget all of them- I need to re-read the pamphlet I have from AANT)… I’m choosing to avoid as many as possible.   It’s nice to have a company that educates, as well as manufactures safe alternatives to what is on store shelves- and the products WORK !!! None of this matters if the stuff is useless.   Companies can get away with not disclosing specifics of some ingredients by listing them as ‘fragrance’ or other vague terms.  Not good.  AANT tells people WHY these ingredients are bad news- not just that they have a better product.  I like that.  I want to be knowledgable about what I’m using and buying.  The botanicals in AANT products are organic, too.  There are just so many positives with these products !

Think baby products have ‘all safe’ products in them?  Think again.  It is so important to read labels, and KNOW the ingredients.  Be informed :)

I’ve had a few respiratory ‘bugs’ lately, and my lips have been severely chapped to the point of scabs, and I have tried every lip balm available at the store (left from when I was trying to find something that worked on ‘chemo-lips’).  Nothing helped.  If anything, they got worse, so I got some AANT Lip Balms (spearmint and lemon- both really ‘tasty’, and non-waxy).  AANT Lip Balms don’t have alcohols like most commercial products do, which actually make your lips MORE dry, so you need MORE product, which leads to a vicious cycle.   I also have some psoriasis-y type funk behind my ears (have tried everything under the sun on that, also).  I got the AANT Diaper Cream for that (there are lots of comments about the many, many skin problems that have been helped with the AANT Diaper Cream on the Facebook page- with photos posted by the actual customers).  Even after only using it once, there is a difference- I can’t wait to see what a couple of weeks of using the AANT Diaper Cream will do!  The stick deodorant is also nice- not overly scented, and appropriate for men and women – as are the shampoo, shower gel, and lotion I got.

Ava Anderson Non Toxic products I got today, and am in AWE of !!  Can't wait to order more of their products :)

Ava Anderson Non Toxic products I got today, and am in AWE of !! Can’t wait to order more of their products :)

I know a lot of people who would love AANT products !    For those so inclined and physically able, they also have opportunities to sell these products, as consultants for the company.  If I were physically able, I’d be all over that !  There are also pet products (and evidently, per a FB post, frat boys use the pet shampoo on themselves- which is fine, since there are no toxins !).  The AANT Pet Deodorizer is also used for gym bags, fire fighter’s smokey gear, and removing stains !  A lot of the products have more than one use- which is great :)

I’m so thankful to MRF for introducing me to these products. I’m also thankful to have the education on the ingredients in personal care and household products that AANT provides, and to have gotten my first order.  I’m excited to try the other items they sell, that I use (I’m not a make-up person or face product user).  I’m also very much in favor of supporting a company that was created by a young person who wanted to make a difference after seeing problems that matter to all of us.

To the folks out there who are either cancer survivors, or otherwise interested in minimizing chemical exposure, check out Ava Anderson Non Toxic (that’s the name needed to get to the Facebook page and website). And put down that hand sanitizer with alcohol in it !   You’re drying out your hands, making them more susceptible to cracking (which can be little caves for bacteria) and infections, among other things (there are AANT options), and while you’re at it, get rid of that antibacterial liquid hand soap with triclosan- you are contributing to the mutation of bacteria that make it harder to treat the infections they cause ! Get educated on what is in the stuff you buy… knowledge is power- and that can help you get/stay as healthy as possible.

One thought on “Amazing Non-Toxic Personal Care and Household Products- Ava Anderson Non Toxic !

  1. I’ve tried several other products- if folks have questions about what I think about the ones I’ve used, let me know ! I don’t use make up or ‘bonafide’ skin care products, but have used both lip balms, the baby lotion, diaper cream, body butter, hand and body lotion, hand soap, liquid dish soap, dishwasher pods, Glass & All-purpose spray cleaner, Bathroom & Hard surface cleaner, shampoo, and shower gel. :) I’ve loved all of them, and am going to get more soon :)

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