Only One Diaper and No College Fund

I started collecting baby dolls about 27 years ago.  I’d played with dolls as a kid (sometimes while climbing trees 🙂 ).  When I got older, I still liked the idea of a silent baby that never smelled. So I started collecting realistic baby dolls. This was way before the ‘reborn’ dolls that are disassembled and then put back together with individually rooted hair, veins, and other sometimes creepy realism.  I just collected the ones that came looking ‘real’ out of the box.

Nearly all of my ‘all-vinyl’ dolls are anatomically correct, and the ones with cloth bodies can be changed from boys to girls and back, depending on the clothes I find for them (mostly at thrift stores; they still dress better than I do).  I’ve creeped out a few people with these dolls, and during my hospitalization for leukemia, I had my dad bring one of them up to my room.  More than one nurse gasped and stepped back when she saw the ‘baby’ nearly falling off of the bed.  My oncologist loved them.

I used to take them to the various nursing homes where I worked, and the residents often looked for me to see which ‘baby’ I’d brought to work.  The little Alzheimers ladies did have a fight over whose baby it was, and I eventually had to leave one of them when “I have to take her back to the nursery” wasn’t working any longer.

Most of the dolls are newborn sized, although I’ve got preemies, micro-preemies, infants, and toddlers as well.  I put one together from a kit; he’s a 36 inch size 4T.

I don’t have kids.  I always thought I’d be married with a bunch of them, but then life happened, and things didn’t work out how I’d envisioned. SO, I’ve got a room full of dolls. It’s a moderate mess right now, as I have been slowly working on getting it straightened out after my last unpacking (planned to return to Texas many times, but got sick. Again).  I like going in there and seeing the sweet little faces.   I’m rather low maintenance in the ‘make happy’ department.   There are a couple of screamers and grumps in the lot, but mostly they are just sweet baby faces.

Anyway, along with the gemstones, the dolls are something that helps make my life a bit brighter.  On days when I just don’t feel that great, I can look at the dolls, and perk up a bit.    One diaper for life, and no college fund…kids I can afford.  😀



Published by JillinoisRN

A disabled RN who is still trying to find ways to help people. I've got a lot of interests, and a lot of things I'd like to convey to people.... whether they want to 'hear' them remains to be seen :)

6 thoughts on “Only One Diaper and No College Fund

  1. I have one doll I treasure. When I was 6 my uncle came back from Nederland, and he bought me this sweet doll (about 2 foot tall) dressed in Greek traditional costume. She had earrings too. Unusually beautiful.

  2. Interesting. I found your blog post after trying to search for someone willing to donate a realistic doll to one of the children we are trying to help at our program for kids with autism. Even if you yourself don’t want to part with one of your precious babies, perhaps you have some connection to the doll companies at this point and could help me find the right person to talk to? My email is, and any help would be appreciated.I tried getting a hold of someone at Ashton Drake, but, in the end, the line went dead.

    1. I’ve gotten most of my dolls from eBay, K-Mart, Toys-R-Us, or some smaller boutique sellers such as Dolls by Sandie (I think she’s still in business). There are realistic dolls out there for less than $30 (most of mine fall into this category)- I just dress them in real baby clothes (that I get at decent thrift stores). The Ashton Drake dolls are usually at least $120, and may not be appropriate for a child who is actually going to play with it- they’re not marketed or made for play. The dolls at the big box stores are made for play, less expensive, made by Berenguer (a very good doll company), and still just as realistic if you get the Berenguer dolls. You can try one of the eBay sellers who has a store on eBay, and see if they can donate (and get tax credit)- I’ve purchased from several sellers there, though I don’t remember the names; they’re at least a small business, and you’re much more likely to reach the top of the food chain at one of those places. Otherwise, talking to a manager at a ‘mart’ store could also work. I hope you find someone ! If I had more resources re: shipping, I’d send you one (I’m disabled and have a fixed income, limited driving ability, etc). 🙂 Let me know what happens !

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