Are You Out There?

I have searches for Simon Peter Nelson or Ann Nelson at least 5 times a week from this blog, from all over the world.  I wonder who is looking for that information.  The murders of their six kids (one of whom I knew very slightly from the rink) and devastating toll it had on Ann (the children’s mother and my skating instructor)  did a lot of damage to those who knew the family… I can only imagine what Ann’s life has been like since then.  I know I’ll never forget January 7, 1978, and how I found out.  I still have a photo of Ann and myself on my dresser…

If anyone cares to leave a message about why you’re searching for this information, I’d be very interested…. and Ann, if you’re out there, know that you are thought of often, with fondness and memories of your compassion.

Edit:  I found out about a year or so ago that Ann died in about 2014. She had over 30 years of being loved by her husband.  I was glad to find out that she was with someone who was a safe place to land during hard days. May she rest in peace.

Killer Simon ironically died on Father’s Day 2017.

2 thoughts on “Are You Out There?

  1. I found your blog while searching for Ann. We were good friends in the 60’s. After much digging I have found her, but not sure what to do with what info I have. To contact her or not? Maybe she does not want to be “found”. I don’t want to hurt her in any way, just would like to know that she is okay Melissa

    • I’m so glad you let me know ! She was someone I looked up to so much when she was my skating coach, and as a 14 year old, I had no idea how to let her know how bad I felt. If you do reach out to her (and she might be just fine hearing from someone who was in her life long before the murders), please let me know how she is …. I”ve prayed for her for decades, hoping that somehow she’s found some sort of peace (if that’s possible). And if it’s appropriate, please let her know that one of her goofy students still thinks about her all the time, and has her photo of her and myself on my dresser (where it’s been since i was a teenager). I will contact you via your e-mail for further contact.

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