The More I’m on Social Media…

…the more I don’t much like people.  I don’t mean the people I actually know (though I’ve pruned the herd on Facebook recently- I mean really… who needs to be ‘friends’ with someone they have had no relationship with other than passing glances 30 years ago at church?  I keep ‘friends’ limited to folks that I have something in common with besides some mutual friend).  I’ve booted some nice people, who just have nothing in common with me, other than some superficial acquaintance-ness in high school.

I LOVE Facebook for keeping in touch with family and friends who I actually know, and who add something positive to my life.  The updated photos, blurbs about what they are up to, the chance to wish them well during good and bad things in their life, etc…. that is what I want to keep in contact about.  NOT some fringe association with someone who is negative, or has an ego larger than their zip code.

The folks who really drive me up the wall are the negative posters.   Those who find all they can about some situation or person that is negative- even if nothing of the sort is part of the actual article.  Some of this is on Facebook, and some is in the comments of articles elsewhere online.  They can’t see something positive in anything.  IF someone handed them $1M in actual cash, they’d whine about the serial numbers on the bills.  I don’t get it.   Their lives must be so miserable that to spread their nastiness is the only way they can feel better about themselves.  Pretty pathetic- and not something I want to bother with.   That last part is hard, since I do like to interact... (online is my primary source of human interaction)… it’s just gotten to the point of anticipating that there will always be jerks, and the nice folks get lost in the shuffle of bitterness.   IF someone posts a photo of a baby wearing sunglasses, some bonehead will want to alert child protective services, as the sunglasses could break into pieces that could puncture the kid’s eye…. all from a photo, and a staged one at that.  Geez- lighten up, and enjoy the cute kid !!

Why is it so hard to look for the positive?  I’m not exactly sitting here without challenges.  I’m disabled, and essentially homebound- and yet I’m so thankful that I’m still able to live independently, with a functioning mind, ability to read, crazy dog, nice TV, safe apartment, etc.  I could dwell on the negative things that have gone on in my life, but what would that accomplish?  I’m in pain every day.  I’m diabetic. My spine is deteriorating. Blah, blah, blah… but I’m here, and find joy in the simple things.   Do I miss my life before things went south?  Yep.  But things can ALWAYS be worse.  When I worked on a neurology/neurosurgery floor, and later a head injury rehab center, I saw some seriously messed up people.  Many would never function independently again.  Others would eventually die from complications from their disorders, diseases,  or injuries.  THAT is sad.

I also don’t understand the self-righteous outrage about things that are irrelevant to the person being so negative.  Who cares what someone else does?  If there is no obligation or mandate that I do what I don’t like, why does it matter if someone else does?  I can’t live any life but mine.

I’m a Christian, and constantly hear about how ‘stupid’ Christians are.   Well, I don’t find atheism to be logical based on my beliefs, but who am I to tell someone that they are of subpar intelligence because of that?  Just over a difference of beliefs or opinion?  Why?  Why make it an attack?  I’m not demanding that someone believe what I do.  How are my personal beliefs of anybody else’s concern?   Am I only supposed to express what someone ELSE finds acceptable?  Does the First Amendment only apply to certain folks (a list that changes daily)?

It’s so hard to be a part of anything where the participants are so hellbent on being cruel and condescending.  Why would I want to believe or listen to someone who hears one thing, and makes a snap judgement about me, and is always negative?  Or interact with someone who can only see things through their own limited knowledge about who or what they think I am?

Now Facebook has settings, that I can’t change, that ‘force’ me to weed through posts made by and to my friends.  People I don’t even know have their stuff on my newsfeed.  If anyone ‘likes’ or comments on something or someone else’s page, I have to see it.  That means if I like or comment, my friends are stuck with it on their page.  How is that supposed to be pleasant?  I want to keep up with people I know- not their friends who I’ve never heard of.  Getting specific personal messages on my newsfeed from my friends’ friends that were posted to them specifically seems intrusive.  The messages weren’t directed to me- why should my friends’ personal interactions be on my page?

“Old fashioned e-mail” is looking better.   And I’m so glad I have a dog to interact with.  She might not talk much, but she’s always positive 😉