Once There Was A Chipmunk…

This started as a reply to a Twitter post of a baby chipmunk asleep in someone’s hand.

They just come up to people if they’ve had no fear associated with humans. I answered a multi-post story of my own- little guy crawled in my t-shirt pocket, rolled it up to suck on and fell asleep.

I had a baby chipmunk decide it wasn’t going back to its mom, who kept trying, but the little guy was almost her size. I watched where she went, and picked little guy up, as ‘non-tactile’ as possible and put him (?) in his house’s front door. He kept coming out to me. Went on…

for several minutes on a very hot day. I’d seen him earlier hiding in the shade of a tire. He decided to KEEP coming after me, so because of heat and his fatigue, I put him in my pocket, where he rolled up my t-shirt pocket and put it in his mouth, falling asleep. Then on to…

PetSmart w/a wild chipmunk in my pocket to get a cage, bedding, little hiding place, food, a bottle set, quiet exercise wheel, and cat-milk replacer. Then back home to look up about how old he was, what to feed him, and when to release him. He was with me for about a month, and did SO well. Until…

was ‘the day’ to let him take off back to his family, or wherever the chipmunks went- tons were under the patio slabs. First day-looked at me like i was nuts; second day, did walk on grass again. Day 3, saw another chipmunk, and it was game on – he took off. The hardest part..

Was not letting him get too attached to me or my dog. He always wanted to climb up my arm when I put food in, and wanted contact- even with my dog, which was not good. Felt bad for little guy, but it was better for him in the end. I’m not a certified wildlife rehabber, but have worked..

with animals at a nature center in a summer camp for kids. Wild critters were not anything new. But I knew that the best thing for him was to have freedom, as adorable as he was. Had a Quaker parrot show up a few weeks earlier, who hated my dad.. he asked if I couldn’t keep…

“the rat” and “lose the bird”? Nope. Little Guy had to go. But he was a lot of fun to watch getting ready to go back to a life without humans. The bird later freaked out and flew back into a metal bookshelf… didn’t end well, but was with me for 18 months. Dad (RIP) also asked if I’d

…’drag in anything that looked pitiful’… told him yup. If it needed help and i could help it… there’s something about animals that needed care that helped me through my first years on disability- I was needed again. My dog also helped with that. I wasn’t worthless.

Published by JillinoisRN

A disabled RN who is still trying to find ways to help people. I've got a lot of interests, and a lot of things I'd like to convey to people.... whether they want to 'hear' them remains to be seen :)

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