I’m a disabled RN who still wants to contribute something.  I’ve seen a lot as a nurse, and a lot as  a human being. I was adopted as a newborn.  I’ve got multiple chronic disorders, and just try to get through things the best I can.  Things can always be worse, and I’m thankful that God has seen fit to keep me around a bit longer.  I’m a cancer survivor, rape survivor, and life survivor.  I’m interested in gemstones, collecting realistic baby dolls, my goofy schnauzer, and mostly just trying to be the type of Christian that doesn’t repel people away from God.   My main source of spirituality is in the amazing things I’ve seen, in nature, and through other people- but mostly my beliefs that a loving God has everything under control, regardless of the confines of my earthly understanding of things. I believe Heaven is a choice.  It’s free for the asking. Just have to know who to ask !!  ❤  Love and peace, to all.

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