I’ve Got A Weird Memory

It used to freak dad out when I could draw the floor plans of the apartments we lived in when I was two to five years old (2 different places). I was well into my 40s at that point. I remember trivial things, as well as some things that have partially defined me. Some areContinue reading “I’ve Got A Weird Memory”

Another Father’s Day Without Dad…

This was originally posted on a Caring Bridge page for dad, while he was sick and after his death. I haven’t edited/changed it since then. I got the call four weeks ago this morning at 5:20 a.m.   SO much has happened since then, and I’m trying to remember more of the good stuff withContinue reading “Another Father’s Day Without Dad…”

And ANOTHER Parole Protest- Version 2021

Carl Edward Chambers     1-10-1987    Aggravated Sexual Assault w/a Deadly WeaponRe: SID Number: 02618963     TDCJ Number: 00453210  I’m the woman Numbnuts brutalized on Jan 10, 1987.  After a lousy night, I really don’t give a flip what you do with Chambers. Let him out to destroy more people in his lifelong career of doingContinue reading “And ANOTHER Parole Protest- Version 2021”

It’s Been Five Years Today…

It still hurts so much that my dad is gone. I’ve adjusted as best I can, and yet it’s still a rollercoaster at times. This is the exact post from his Caring Bridge page that I kept to keep family and friends updated….the only changes are for specific identifiers. First of all, I’d like to thank allContinue reading “It’s Been Five Years Today…”

Once There Was A Chipmunk…

This started as a reply to a Twitter post of a baby chipmunk asleep in someone’s hand. They just come up to people if they’ve had no fear associated with humans. I answered a multi-post story of my own- little guy crawled in my t-shirt pocket, rolled it up to suck on and fell asleep.Continue reading “Once There Was A Chipmunk…”

Thoughts About The Intervention & Inpatient Eating Disorder Treatment -25 Years Later

This started as a reply to a Facebook post, but I got long-winded as usual… *rolling eyes* I had an full blown intervention done on me when I was working as an RN in the detox unit of a chemical dependency treatment center in the Hill Country. Eight or nine co-workers ambushed my butt afterContinue reading “Thoughts About The Intervention & Inpatient Eating Disorder Treatment -25 Years Later”

Ways to Support Someone With Cancer

This came about after a ‘share the picture of a pink ribbon to show you care about people who have or have had cancer’ thing on social media. It’s always well-meaning, and meant to be a show of support. I hate those ribbons. I’ve had cancer. This is what I posted- but it got tooContinue reading “Ways to Support Someone With Cancer”

Dealing with Isolation That Isn’t By Choice

For some folks, this is the first time they’ve had their lives altered by forces outside of their control.  For others, nobody has ever been kind enough to tell them ‘no’ before. While it’s not physically painful, and having to be in one’s own home is the biggest loss of mobility, it can be aContinue reading “Dealing with Isolation That Isn’t By Choice”

Time Buffers… It Does Not Heal All Wounds

Four years ago this morning, my dad called me at around 8:00 a.m.  He knew I generally slept until noon (up all night), so I knew it was something different and serious before I answered the phone.  He told me he couldn’t walk right, and asked if I could come to the house and seeContinue reading “Time Buffers… It Does Not Heal All Wounds”

When Death Steals Justice From a Murdered Baby’s Mom

This week, the mother of murdered 4-month old Paul Villareal died after a very brief, and unexpected illness.  She was waiting for the trials to start in early 2020 in five murders, including that of little Paul.  She’d been waiting since 1981 for justice to be within grasp.  She won’t see that day.  Her sonContinue reading “When Death Steals Justice From a Murdered Baby’s Mom”