Nutrisystem’s Abysmal Requirements for Their Dietary Counselors

My e-mail to Nutrisystem after being removed from their program for no good reason.:

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From the Nutrisystem info online re: job qualifications:


Qualifications (include Education and specific Experience)

  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred, Associates Degree minimum.
  • Knowledge of nutrition, fitness, health, and weight loss maintenance preferred.
  • Computer Skills: Knowledge of MS Office and use of internet.
  • Capable of navigating multiple resources at one time to assist with customer concerns.
  • Able to professionally correspond with customers via verbal and written communication.
SO, a non-specific degree in any field, “preferred” knowledge of nutrition and health is the bar set by Nutrisystem for weight loss counselors.  NO actual requirement to be in the nutrition field- just some random bachelor’s or associate’s degree.  A music major could have been the one who booted me from Nutrisystem for being proactive in my own health.
Fact-  I’ve been an RN since 1985, and owner of this body since 1963.
Fact-  I asked for nutritional stats to monitor protein levels since I also have to ADD more protein on the plan and want to make sure it stays consistent.
Fact-  My doctor knows I was on Nutrisystem, and had no issues with it (I’m essentially housebound from unrelated physical disabilities, so going back for a “permission slip” to be on NS, like an 8 year old, isn’t feasible)
Fact-  I do not have chronic kidney disease, or even renal insufficiency
Fact-  I do not see a nephrologist for ongoing issues- had a ONE TIME consult, where I was told that hydration issues related to reflux were likely causing the lab abnormalities; at the time my recent  lab was drawn in the late afternoon, I hadn’t had as much water as I usually do- but generally get fluids in. A subsequent CT (different doctor, different issue) showed no kidney problems structurally.  I have since rescheduled appointments for early morning to allow more convenient fluid intake (not looking for bathrooms away from home).
Fact-  I am responsible for my own body and health.
Fact-  my microalbumin level is fine (I’m diabetic, so it’s monitored regularly – NOT because there is an existing problem with my kidneys)
Fact-  I paid for a product, not for someone who doesn’t have any background in medical issues or even a dietary degree,  outside of some blanket policy that penalizes the person  for being proactive in their own health care, to AVOID chronic kidney issues. How is that helpful?
Fact-  I do not have any conditions that Nutrisystem lists as reasons to exclude me (so I was discriminated against based on ????).
Fact-  I chose Nutrisystem because of the nutritional quality of the food, not to do something to jeopardize my health (which I know about. Nutrisystem does not).

Fact-  this e-mail will be copied and pasted repeatedly until I am given a SOLID reason for being booted from using Nutrisystem BY Nutrisystem.**  What precautions do you have for those who buy Nutrisystem at Walmart, on eBay, or other sources?   You discriminate blindly and randomly only through the Nutrisystem site.


Fact:   I love to blog
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I was booted from Nutrisystem for asking for nutritional stats on foods BECAUSE I have to add more protein on the program than what is just in their meals, and wanted it consistent.  People can walk into Walmart, buy NS foods on eBay, and there is no oversight (also no real selection for frozen foods- the boxed assortments have things I don’t like, and don’t include the things I do like).  It’s just fine for those who Nutrisystem says are not allowed on their program to buy things there.  But, with NO disqualifying diagnosis, I’m removed for being proactive in my own health.

Bite me, Nutrisystem.

Edit:  And TODAY, they are charging me for an order of a la  carte pizza after kicking me out yesterday.  Seriously?

** Actually, now, I don’t want any communication from Nutrisystem.  No faith in the qualifications of anybody I communicate with, so what’s the point?